Your technology partner - Reditron

As is always the case, it seems that the new year has only just started and it is already March! As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun.Well here at Reditron, we do try to have fun while working. For us it is fun
to be able to win and winning to us means trying to provide professional product solutions for our clients that they need, and in doing so, we develop strong business relationships with our clients and secure business for
Reditron. You know - the old Win/Win concept that still works well today! 

We also would like to be your favourite technology partner. The one who is able to support you with world class products and solutions, professionally i.e. the best possible solution for your needs, from entry-level to enterprise level. And we have the products to achieve this for you! Being a technology partner advocates that we are not only able to keep pace with technology, but be involved with product brands who are the leaders in technology development. At Reditron we are very fortunate to have a number of world class brands in our stable, such as Avigilon, Dahua, IDEMIA, Paxton and a few others, who, in their own target markets, are at the forefront of technology development.

It is now widely accepted that global trends in 2018 will move into really interesting areas, like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Cyber Security Enhancement, Cloud Computing and many more exciting developments. We as Reditron, through our partners mentioned above, will be there at the forefront to bring you all these improvements and benefits as they become available. And in doing so, we do hope to build stronger, more engaging and winning business relationships with you – in essence, become your favourite technology partner!

Be sure to look out for the next edition where the concept of AI is featured and discussed.


Yours in Security
Mel Labuschagne
Reditron MD