Artificial Intelligence

It is now accepted that Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the video surveillance arena has already started to and will increasingly become a core feature of all future integrated security solutions. There are already huge strides being made in the development of technology where advanced video analytics, such as facial recognition, together with a capability for deep learning, will enhance security management & solutions immensely. And currently trends show how manufacturers are moving rapidly towards developing and offering enhanced solutions, rather than just products. It is very clear that whilst there are many diverse industries which require more comprehensive turnkey security solutions, there are just as many common requirements within any given solution, such as facial recognition, presence detection, appearance search and other intelligent features/functions.

At Reditron, we are very fortunate to have one of the world’s most advanced leaders in our stable, Avigilon, who are at the forefront of technology development in every respect. They are definitely the undisputed leaders in video analytics and fast moving into being recognised as a leader in the AI arena too, not to mention IoT, Cyber Security Enhancement and Cloud Computing solutions.

We encourage you to engage with Reditron on all your AI needs and ideas, even if it is just to explore what is possible from the likes of Avigilon, or for that matter, any of our other world-class product offerings.

Be sure to look out for the next for our next post where the really hot topic of Cyber Security Enhancement will be touched on. 


Mel Labuschagne
Reditron MD