The Saros™ Dome includes multiple FLIR Lepton® thermal sensors, a 1080p or
4K camera
, IR and visible LED illuminators, advanced onboard analytics,
audio talk-down, and digital I/Os.

The Saros Dome combines multiple traditional perimeter protection technologies 
into a unified solution that delivers accurate, actionable alerts and verified alarm data.

Multiple technologies in one device reduce operation costs.


Thermal sensors see at night, enabling analytics to reduce false alarms.
• Wide-area monitoring through sun glare, smoke, rain, dust, and light fog
• Eliminates the need for port-forwarding
• Actionable alerts enable security professionals to respond more effectively


FLIR Saros is engineered to reduce exposure to remote security attacks.
• End-to-end encryption for setup, web, and video streams
• Analytics classify humans and vehicles, improving alarm accuracy
• Configuration lockdown after initial setup for increased tamper prevention

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