Arteco Security Connector (ASC) is an add-on product to Arteco NEXT VEMS that
enables you to integrate and manage a wide variety of IP security systems, such
as intrusion alarm panels, fire detection systems and devices running the Modbus
, on one centralized interface.


ASC comes as a very intuitive tool, capable of converting events into standard
protocols compliant with Arteco Open Connector and NEXT, allowing users to receive
events and have remote control over groups of sensors and alarm panels with ease.
ASC also creates the ability to link devices with any other system configured on the
Arteco VEMS, such as video cameras and access control systems.
Arteco Security Connector works in installations of all sizes.


Uniting video with security-related events offers several advantages:

•   Integrate multiple IP security systems from the most popular vendors in one
     single interface
•   A cost-effective way to combine video and security devices with ease due to the 
     pre-installed drivers and an intuitive configuration process
•   Enhanced decision-making from operators, who can visually verify the identity
     of individuals 
     and have a complete overview of the scene
•   Effective post-incident investigations granted by video information linked to
     each event
•   A scalable solution, as it works with Arteco NEXT eMotion, Active and Extreme
•   Arteco Maps offers a visual and interactive user experience, giving operators 
     unprecedented situational awareness and the possibility to arm/disarm areas and 
     monitor sensors with ease

•   Manage large installations with thousands of points

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