Arteco Open Connector is the integration platform that makes the interoperability 
between systems, devices and different types of applications more intuitive and 
easier than ever imagined.

Open Connector: event management has never been so easy


Arteco Open Connector goes beyond the concept of open platform, giving the partners the ability to integrate systems in total freedom and allowing them to customize every aspect of the interface, adapting it to every kind of installation and placing the needs of the end customer in focus.

Interoperability is remarkably simple with Arteco Open 
Connector. By using standard protocols to third-party partners, Arteco Open Connector provides an intuitive, fast, and easy integration to leverage the full power of the Video Event Management (VEMS) system to centralize events from many different types of devices.


From video security, access control, intrusion and fire detection to building 
automation, traffic control, parking management and beyond. Open 
Connector is a universal language.

Arteco Open Connector is the solution that completes your proposal for any project: 
from small systems that combines video surveillance and home automation, to the 
more complex systems for vertical markets such as Critical Infrastructure, Logistics, Retail, 
Transportation, Industry, Banks, Healthcare, Hospitality and Education.


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