Not enough inputs on your TV or AV receiver? Want to connect two TVs to 
one source? HDMI switches and splitters, come to the rescue. They're an 
inexpensive way to keep your current gear relevant and useful. It's crucial 
to make sure whatever switch or splitter you're considering at least matches 
the resolution and HDMI version of your newest gear. Many switches are 
HDMI 1.4, which is fine for 1080p but not for most 4K. 



The NW276-3 offers seamless conversion
from an analogue VGA or Component
video source such as a Computer,  DVR,
or DVD player, to a digital HDMI™
output. The device has a built-in scaler*
that will allow you to adjust the output 
signal to HD (1080p/60Hz), allowing
you to enjoy the full benefit of your
HD display.



The HDMI splitter (1×4) lets you share 4 HDMI displays or projectors with an
HDMI-enabled audio/video input source. With support for Ultra HD (4K@60Hz) the HDMI splitter ensures astonishing picture
quality - four times the resolution of HD 1080p@60 Hz. The 4K splitter is also backward compatible with previous HDMI revisions, supporting 1080p / 720p HDMI video resolution input devices.


Simply connect the HDMI™ cables (not 
included) to the device to enjoy high quality 4K resolution with 3D video support. Deeper colours and rich audio make this a truly cinematic experience. Power is drawn from the input sources via HDMITM Cable and with the built in LED’s you can quickly check the working status of the NW275.

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