Dahua launches the industry's latest thermal camera, which is capable of
highly accurate body temperature measurement ±0.3℃ (with blackbody). 
With built-in AI algorithm, it can measure multiple persons from up to 
3-meter distance, enabling fast and non-contact access.
Introducing Thermal Network Hybrid Bullet Camera 
Solution, With a FREE AI NVR and Screen

Free Items:    1X AI NVR, 1X 18.5 Screen
kit Items:        1X Thermal camera, 1X Black body unit, 2X Tripods,2X Brackets
Kit Code:        SPDA 100

T's & C's Applie: Only available at Reditron till end of April 2020
Price Subject to ROE


Thermal Network Value Hybrid Bullet Camera Values

High Accuracy:             ±0.3˚C (With Blackbody).
High Efficiency:            Non-contact temperature detection, quick screening Long 
                                       distance, wide coverage and multi-person detection.
Low Cost:                      Automatic early warning mechanism, saving a lot of  
                                       man-power and reduce the risk of cross infection.
Strong Adaptability:     Applied to small scenes such as entrances and exits 
                                       Large scenes such as airports and railway stations with 
                                       dense personnel.
Dating Back:                 Realize the historical data back tracking, data analysis and 
                                       so on combined with the platform.

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