In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dahua Technology developed the Handheld Thermal Body Temperature Measurement Camera. Featuring non-contact, rapid AI body temperature measurement, high resolution and timely audible alarm, this camera can be installed in many scenarios. What’s more, the camera also supports PC client for live view and alarm.


Timely Audible Alarm
Dahua’s Handheld Thermal body camera comes with a built-in buzzer. Anytime someone walks by with a body temperature higher than the preset threshold (usually 37.3 degrees), the buzzer will automatically be triggered and a timely audible alarm will turn on to inform and alert operators on site. In addition, a screenshot of the individual with abnormal temperature will also be automatically saved in the system.

PC Client for Live View and Alarm 

The video that the camera captures can be shared on the PC, through a USB cable, which allows the operators to operate the body temperature measurement more conveniently.

Overall, the easy-to-install Dahua Handheld Thermal Body Temperature Measurement Camera that effectively delivers efficient and safe preliminary screening of temperature anomalies and significantly lowers safety risks for operators.

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